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The Stabilization feature ensures that function references remain constant across component re-renders unless explicitly triggered by dependency changes. This stability is crucial for optimizing rendering behavior in React, particularly when integrating with performance-sensitive patterns like React.memo or shouldComponentUpdate.


We implement stabilization in @shined/react-use through the useStableFn Hook, which memoizes callback functions to prevent unnecessary re-renders. By stabilizing functions, developers can avoid performance bottlenecks and ensure that components only update when necessary.

Every functions exported from @shined/react-use are stabilized by default, ensuring that they do not cause unnecessary re-renders unless their dependencies change. Stabilizing callback functions minimizes the risk of it, leading to improved performance and user experience.

Example Usage

import { useStableFn } from '@shined/react-use'

function App() {
const stableHandleClick = useStableFn(() => {
// do something

// `stableHandleClick` is stable across re-renders, will not cause re-renders unless dependencies change
return <AwesomeComponent onClick={stableHandleClick} />

In this example, useStableFn from @shined/react-use is used to ensure that the onClick function does not cause re-renders. For more usage see useStableFn.

This approach not only makes the component more efficient but also prevents potential bugs related to re-rendering cycles. The Hook abstracts the complexity involved in memoizing functions, making it straightforward for developers to implement.